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Your business is growing, Your employees need access to real time communication methods, And, the industry you operate in is fast-paced.

To ensure you are operating at maximum capacity your communications system needs to be well considered and able to host a range of technologies and applications that are versatile and cohesive. This is where our Unified Communications system comes into play.

Unified Communications is the concept of being able to communicate in real time with another present individual on any platform despite the medium they are using to communicate on. The notion is that a message can be sent to an individual immediately and they can chose to receive it however they wish and then reply on any chosen medium.

Hire Excellency has a range of Unified Communication applications that could be right for you including the most basic services such as: SMS, speech analytics, e-mail and conferencing.

To our more sophisticated packages that include advanced communication techniques like instant messaging and sharing workflow and collaborating on shared documents in real time.

Our most popular product is Hire Excellency Hosted Desktop which recreate a desktop like environment through various devices meaning employees can work as efficiently as if they were in the office.

Unified Communications For Your Business